Robot Wars (1993) U.S. Blu-Ray

Full Moon/Empire Pictures made three giant robot movies: Robot Jox (1990), Crash And Burn (1990), and Robot Wars (1993). I’ve seen Jox, and am a fan, I’ve never seen Crash And Burn, but I saw Wars for the first time last night on their new blu-ray and of the two I’ve seen this is the worst. Technically it’s fine movie, but it runs only an hour and nine-minutes and has nothing to offer in the plot, making the short run time feel like two hours. Bottom line, it bored me to tears. That’s was a first for me when it comes to Charles and Albert Bands many movies.

This is not a sequel to Jox, in case anyone was wondering, the plot is set in 2041 and takes place mostly in this desert complex where tours are given in this giant scorpion robot of the blasted, desert landscape that once was America. Desert raiders called, “Centros,” or words to that effect, seem to be the bad guys. The movie centers on this hot-shit giant robot operator, Drake (Don Michael Paul), who hates his boss, Rooney (Peter Haskell), and is always threatening to quit.

I didn’t know Barbara Crampton and Lisa Rini were in this. The former plays, archeologist Leda, and the latter plays her friend, Annie. There’s also some kind of  “takeover” in the works by two Asian delegates, General Wa-Lee (Danny Kamekona), and his “assistant,” Chou-Sing (Yuji Okumoto).

There’s a giant robot buried underground in this abandoned 20th century town the cast has to get to after Lee takes over the scorpion robot and takes the tourists as hostages. The movie leads up to and ends with the giant robot battle depicted on the poster. It’s too bad even Crampton and FX artist, David Allen’s stop-motion robots couldn’t save this stinker of a flick.

Shout! Factory released this on DVD back in 2011 in a double feature with Crash And Burn; Full Moon released it again on DVD in 2013, both discs are still in print. This blu-ray here is already out and can be bought here on Amazon or on Full Moon’s site.

Video/Audio/Subtitles: 1080p 1.78:1 high definition widescreen—2.0 English Dolby Digital, 5.1 English Dolby Digital—No subs

Overall the transfer looked good except for certain skin tones on the male actors. Some of them looked too pinkish to me. The female actors didn’t have this problem. I don’t know, maybe, that was their actual skin tone. It was strangely distracting.

Extras included . . .

  • The Wizard Of Wars: Remembering David Allen (11:21)
  • Vintage 1997 Full Moon Promo (5;14)
  • Original Videozone (28:44)

I got more enjoyment from the extras than the actual feature and I recommend buying this blu for them alone. There’s a short scene from the The Primevals on the David Allen tribute extra! Band is planning on releasing the unfinished movie later this year; Allen died in post production, leaving some of the effects unfinished. The powers that be cannot get adequate funding to get it completed, so it’s going to be polished up the best it can in its current form and put on disc. If that scene is any indication the transfer will look pretty good at least.


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