Evil In The Time Of Heroes (2009) U.S. DVD

I saw a trailer for this flick back in 2009 or 2010, but I didn’t know it was a sequel to the other Greek zombie movie, Evil (2005, aka Το Κακό), and after seeing this last night I’m wondering now if I needed to see the first one, because there’s some things that happen in this that makes very little sense, things that are also very, very weird. I can’t say I was sold on this movie, because I wasn’t, but it was an interesting night’s distraction. Plus I’m a Billy Zane fan, so that was another reason I wanted to see this, but Zane has only has a minuscule part, scenes you could probably count on one hand.

The film hops between two time frames, ancient Greece and present day Greece. Back in ancient Greece an evil deity surfaced from the underworld (a deity you don’t actually see until the final moments of the film) and turned everyone, well, most everyone, into zombies. A small band of soldiers took on these zombies in the forest and in the city. One of them died and came back from the dead, but not as a zombie. He came back as normal as he went under, and Billy Zane, wearing a black monk garb, was waiting for him. He says something cryptic to the man and life goes on. He was also carrying this strange, cube device, that I have no idea what it was, or what it was supposed to do. Anyway back in the present, the movie flashes back occasionally with some of the main characters so you can see where they were when the zombie apocalypse hit and it’s only happening in Greece. Some of these survivors are: Vakirtzis (Andreas Kontopoulos), Argyris (Argyris Thanasoulas), Meletis (Meletis Georgiadis), Marina (Pepi Moschovskou), Jenny (Mary Tsoni), Olga (Eftixia Giakoumi) and Vicky (Ioanna Pappa). There are other characters, I just didn’t catch their names. I did get into this flick enough to be shocked to varying degrees when some of them either got turned and/or killed.

The tone of this flick isn’t entirely horror. Case in point, one character, Vakirtzis, who’s former military, is trying to outrun a bullet. And, I thought, it’s one of the most visually hilarious shots in the whole movie, for the CGI for the bullet married into the scene was extremely real looking. As he’s running the bullet is catching up to him at his shoulder and then there it is, neck and neck with him, and he gives the bullet a horrified look! I don’t know what the nature of this character is either, because he does a supernatural leap from a building down to the ground. He only does it once, and in the finale after he’s killed, his body vanishes. No explanation, he just vanishes.

Zane appears to be immortal and looking for the savoir who appears to be Argyris. Argyris was killed at the end of the last movie, it appears, but it’s revisited here. Somehow he got himself impaled on a pipe, or something, he then falls off the pipe, and comes back to life, and not as a zombie. No explanation given, but Zane fights his way through the city to find him, and resurrects him yet again after zombies invade the house they were holed up in. More characters are lost in this scene too.

Eventually this light is seen shooting up into the sky and the remaining characters decide to venture to it, even though the military plans on nuking the city very, very soon. Once they get to this light, they discover all the zombies in the city have been attracted to it, and it’s the evil deity that started all this. Argyris suddenly has powers to push back on the zombie horde and battles the deity that’s made up of electrical energy. His friends decide to make a bloodbath out of all the zombies they’re surrounded by, and after Argyris defeats the deity, everyone who was an undead gutmuncher returns to normal. That’s right, they become human again. But the military doesn’t know about any of this happening, so the last shot of the movie is of the jets flying over the city ready to drop their nukes. In the end, everyone died! That’s Evil In The Time Of Heroes in a nutshell.

The level of gore is extraordinary and mixed in with the practical effects are sometime less than stellar CGI (that bullet I previously mentioned not withstanding). If you’re going to watch this, I recommend finding the first film and watching that one beforehand. Then again, that might not help either. I’m logging this one under ‘bizarre cinema.’

Doppelganger Releasing put this out on DVD only back on October 24 and you can buy it here on Amazon!

Video/Audio/Subtitles: 1.85:1 widescreen—5.1 Greek Dolby Digital—English subs only

Extras included . . .

  • Original Film Storyboards (22 photos)
  • Theatrical Trailer



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