Jekyll And Hyde…Together Again (1982) Blu-ray


This is the third movie Olive Films has released in the last couple of years of obscure (to me anyway) comedies I saw in the early 80s when we first got cable. The other two, Student Bodies (1981) and Caveman (1981), I reviewed and you can find those reviews on this site, and like those previous two flicks I haven’t thought about Jekyll & Hyde, Together Again in decades, which is what prompted me to want to review this blu in the first place to see if still holds up to the memory I have of it.

And by God it did!

Think Airplane (1980) and The Naked Gun movies (1988-1994) and you’ll have some idea what kind of comedy this is. Slapstick is the name of the game here, people, and it’s about a modern day retelling of Robert Louis Stevenson’s novella, The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde, which had previously been adapted into a serious horror flick back in 1931 and 1941. In this comedic version, Mark Blankfield plays Daniel Jekyll working as a surgeon at the local hospital. He’s dating (possibly engaged to) Mary Carew (Bess Armstrong), the rich daughter of the hospital’s Grand Poobah Dr. Carew (Michael McGuire). Jekyll isn’t well liked, he’s twitchy, his clothes never fit right, and he’s obsessed with trying to unlock mankind’s animal nature.

There was a scene from a movie I remembered that had this girl in the E.R. being looked at by a doctor who was told by the nurse that she had a foreign object in her vagina. The joke was when the doctor comes in and sees her, this Asian guy pops into view. I always thought that was a scene from another slapstick medical tale called, Young Doctors In Love (1982), when I watched this last night there it was! That’s just an example of the comedy you’ll get but it also introduces the other girl in Jekyll’s life, or I should say Hyde’s life. Her name is Ivy (Krista Errickson), a teenage party girl.

One night while working late Jekyll is combining powders when he accidentally combines two of them and because of that concludes this current experiment is a failure. He falls asleep on the table, sniffs a straw into his nose, turns his head in the duration of the powder and accidentally sniffs it up. Hyde is born! And when I mean born I mean his body fills out his cloths, his hair looks like its perpetually plugged into an electrical outlet, rings and necklaces appear on his body and he gets a huge dick! Basically this Mr. Hyde is a constantly horny party animal who takes an immediate shine to Ivy where they fuck tremendously on a regular basis when Hyde is let loose.


Tim Thomerson has a small role as gay plastic surgeon, Dr. Knute Lanyon. I think this may be the first flick that introduced me to who Thomerson was. He’s hilarious in this by the way. As expected Jekyll and Hyde fight for domination, this leads to some of the best comedy scenes. He eventually learns he’s won a huge cash prize for his work and has to go to England to collect the money. This money will allow him to make more of the drug that unleashes Hyde and by the final act Hyde is pretty much in control. In the closing moments the movie homages the old Jekyll and Hyde films by turning black and white after Hyde’s musical number/comedy routine on stage as he collected his money rubs everyone the wrong way. Yes, this movie has a musical number which is actually pretty funny! He then dons a black cape and flees into the city as Ivy, Mary, Lanyon and the rest of the attendees go after him. Ivy is seeking revenge (it’s long story) and she shoots him in the ass as he’s hopping rooftops and sends him plummeting to the pavement below. But this is a comedy. No one dies. Mary and Ivy come to an understanding and plan to use him as their sex slave whenever he becomes Hyde.

This was released previously on DVD by Legend Films in 2008 and then on blu-ray by the same company in 2013 as a double feature with Student Bodies. That blu-ray is still in print to. Back on September 13th Olive Films re-released Jekyll & Hyde, Together Again on separate DVD and blu-ray editions.

unnamed (1)

Video/Audio/Subtitles: 1080p 1.78:1 high definition widescreen—2.0 English DTS-HD Master Audio—English SDH subs only

I never bought that previous double feature blu-ray so I cannot compare this transfer to that one, but this one basically looked fine to me.

Extras included . . .

  • None

(Triva: Cassandra Peteson (aka Elvira) has a small part as that busty nurse that shows up in the operating room, and Barrett Oliver (The Neverending Story) is the little kid seen in the supermarket)


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