Blunt Talk: The Complete First Season (2015) DVD


When I first heard of Blunt Talk there were only two things that made me want to see it: Patrick Stewart and Seth McFarlane, the former starring and the latter executive producing. In my book that’s a potent combination and it helped immensely that I’m a fan of both of those guys. I’ve been a fan of Stewart since Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994), but he’s been on my radar since Excalibur (1981) and Lifeforce (1985), and I’ve been a fan of MacFarlane since the inception of Family Guy.

Blunt Talk is primarily a comedy, but there are shades of drama that rear up from time to time. I don’t typically like dramedies, and the first half of the show is more comedic than the latter half, but now that I’ve finally seen it (I don’t have Starz), I’m giving it a thumb’s up!

Stewart plays Walter Blunt, a character you might typically see on any one of those dreaded 24-hour corporate news channels, and names from that “realm of existence” are name dropped (i.e. Anderson Cooper) in the show to give you a hint of how popular Walter and his show, Blunt Talk, is to the show’s fictional network, USB. Blunt is a piece of work too. He’s been married 4 times, has a kid with the latest wife, is a recreational drug user (Meth is one drug he’s never tried and thanks God for it), a borderline alcoholic, and loves to use his dick in ways that would get him categorized as a manslut. He picks up a chick at a sexual addiction meeting, while he’s in the building for an AA meeting. He keeps a log too of his conquests and it’s a big ass log. Pun intended.

Blunt has a manservant. Harry Chandler (Adrian Scarborough) is his name and he’s known Blunt since the Falklands War. In fact he saved Harry on the battlefield and they’ve been inseparable ever since. They’re basically best friends, despite Harry being Blunt’s “head lacky,” and despite at times being treated as such. Now just so you know that Blunt is the only character that’s messed up, Harry has issues too; he’s sexually repressed (though that ends in the finale) and loves to gamble. Harry’s creative team for his show has issues too, and quite frankly this series wouldn’t be worth it’s salt if all these characters were devoid of vice and emotionally well cultivated. Since MacFarlane’s name is connected with it, I expect some seriously flawed characters to be on display for my enjoyment, and in that Blunt Talk does not and shall never disappoint.

Rosalie Winter (Jacki Weaver) is his senior producer and she’s been with him for several decades. She’s married to Teddy (Ed Begley, Jr.), and they have an open marriage. Lately, though Teddy’s been suffering from signs of Alzheimer’s or dementia, and there in lies some of the dramatic flare-ups. Rosalie has been having a kind of “emotional tryst” with Martin Bassi (Karan Soni), another team member, a kid basically, who enjoys being with her and deeply smelling her perfume. Martin exits he show in the last two episodes to go find himself on the Appalachian Trail. It’s unclear if he returns in the second season. Fellow Brit, Celia Havemeyer(Dolly West), another senior producer has issues with men, she really likes to shag them and doesn’t have a problem bedding a married dude. Jim Stone (Timm Sharp) is a straight up hoarder and that doesn’t just mean at home. The reveal of his office is stunning! He also gets sexually turned on by women’s feet and their shoes. Shelly (Mary Holland), another hot chick on the show, loves to do the Health segment, and during the show reveals to Celia she’s bisexual. Having boundary issues, Celia agrees to an experimental liplock. Fellow Tekker Brent Spiner shows up in a couple of episodes playing the piano player at Harry’s favorite dive.


The first two episodes mostly center on Blunt and the show as the series starts off with Blunt experiencing an all time low in his life that his him getting arrested for being with a transsexual hooker and imploding a cops testicles with a wicked groin kick, but all episodes beyond that explore the other characters, their relations to each other and to Blunt. It’s an oddly comforting and relaxing series, at least that’s how it unfolded to me, and thank God none of it went in ways I was predicting.

Give it a look, guys!

I dug this show!

The series runs 10-episodes and each episode is 30-minutes.

On August 30th Anchor Bay releases Blunt Talk on DVD only. Sadly, there is no blu-ray set in existence.

Video/Audio/Subtitles: 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen—5.1 English Dolby Digital, 2.0 Spanish Dolby Surround—English SDH, Spanish subs only.

Extras included . . .

  • Inside The World Of Blunt Talk (23:40)
  • First Look (1:58)
  • Meet The Newsroom (1:48)
  • Walter & Harry (1:05)

I would have loved at least one or two episodes with a cast commentary, I just find them fun to listen to, but since there are none nor any commentaries at all the extra ‘Inside The World Of Blunt Talk’ kind of makes up for that as creator Jonathan Ames is interviewed and talks up the highlights and inspirations used in every episode. Some tidbits you’ll learn is that the actor who played Bunt’s son in one episode is actually Patrick Stewart’s real life son, Daniel, and in another episode Blunt’s character thought he was circumcised but isn’t really, well, in real life it’s revealed that Patrick Stewart always assumed he was circumcised, but wasn’t. That’s funny.

It’s strange this collection doesn’t mention it’s the complete first season on the cover, maybe they didn’t know if they were getting renewed? Season 2 premieres October 2nd on Starz. Here’s the trailer.


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