Bloody Knuckles (2014) Blu-ray

138816_frontOn one level this flick is significant in that it’s not everyday we get a “killer hand” movie. The last one was 1999’s Idle Hands, which I loved and still love. Not so much for this new one though. The FX for the hand was top notch and I enjoyed the “relationship” between severed appendage and former owner, but the movie around all that didn’t particularly do anything for me. And I get somewhat turned off by “message movies,” unless said “message movie” is a doc and/or the “message” is on a subconscious level. Bloody Knuckles, at it’s core, is a about the evils of censorship. The dark side of free speech, if you will. Sure we can say anything we want but every action has an equal and opposite reaction and there will always be others who may not like what we say, and yet others who will blatantly retaliate against what we see. A good example of the latter is the religious Middle East. Say anything against their religion, even unintentionally, and extremists will find you and kill you.

Our star of Bloody Knuckles, Travis (Adam Boys), gets a taste of this dark side that results in the loss of his right hand. He’s an architect by day and an underground comic book artist by night that specializes in the obscene and caricatures. Everything is fine in his life currently, in fact it’s in a bit of an upswing as he meets local reporter, Amy (Gabrielle Giraud), who’s going to do a piece on him and his comic books, but all that turns to shit, when she’s mugged and the local Chinatown street gang happens to take a gander at Travis’ book he gave her.

You see Travis and Amy live in Chinatown and the local crime boss, Leo Fong (Kasey Ryne Mazak), doesn’t like being made fun of, which Travis did, since Fong’s constantly in the news for his activities including importing a deadly buying the local police and for buying up property in the warehouse district using criminal means (i.e. those who don’t sell have the local street gang sicced on them).

Poor Travis is kidnapped one night leaving his apartment and taken to Fong’s headquarters where his goons hold him down and lop off his right hand with a circular saw. Adding insult to injury they shove it in a bag and make him watch as it’s tossed into the sewer.

Travis goes into a deep depression. Understandable. But his severed hand refuses to go gently into that night and comes back to life. At first it tries to reestablish a “relationship” with him, tries to prod him into getting his mojo back and start writing again, but he refuses. He’s scared of what Fong might do to him again and/or to his stepbrother, Ralphie (Ken Tsui), or even that potential love interest of a reporter he was heading out to see the night he and his hand were separated. Unable to do this, his hand decides to seek revenge instead and starts with the four gang members who kidnapped him.

His hand is not alone in this journey of vengeance; a hulking, gay, bondage practioner, Homo Dynamous (Dwayne Bryshun), is on a similar path after the same gang, late in the film, murdered his boyfriend.

This past October 27th, Artsploitation Films released Bloody Knuckles on separate DVD and Blu-ray editions!

Video/Audio/Subtitles: 1080p 1.78:1 high definition widescreen—5.1 English DTS-HD Master Audio, 5.1 English Dolby Digital, 2.0 English Dolby Stereo—English, Spanish subs

Extras included…

  • Audio commentary with Director Matt O.
  • Deleted Scenes (3 of them)
  • A Hate Letter To Censorship: Matt Garrett Interviews Matt O (7:07)
  • Interview with Cinema Swear (Robin Bougie) (8:39)
  • Interview with Diabolik DVD (5:43)
  • Interview with Lunchmeat (John Schafer) (4:30)
  • Short Film: Electric Fence (17:47)
  • Short Film: Adjust Tracking (5:10)
  • Trailer

The movie is crass, sleazy and violent, and supposed to be a comedy, but I’m not sure I’d go that far. It’s got some chuckle worthy moments, but its more a “dark oddity” in the “killer hand” sub-genre; one I wish I had been more on board with. A chick, Krista Magnusson, interesting enough, played the killer hand.


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