ANIMATION REVIEW: Scooby-Do! And KISS: A Rock And Roll Mystery (2015) DVD/Blu-ray Combo

81aJYxMAnqL._SL1500_There are very few “comedy” toons that hold up for me as an adult. The Pink Panther, The Inspector, The Ant And The Aardvark and most of all Looney Tunes I can still watch, and I think that’s about it. Unfortunately Scooby-Do I cannot. But back in 1998 they started making these animated movies, and the first one out of the gate was called, Scooby-Do On Zombie Island. I liked the story, the animation and the updated theme. I’ve only seen one other movie after this one, title of which escapes me, but it didn’t win me over and most of the ones after that have never interested me either.

The main difference with these new movies and the old show from the 70s is that in the show there were no real ghosts or monsters, the Scooby gang always debunked them as being some person dressed up to distract nosy kids or neighbors from the real crime they were perpetrating. Well, in these new movies the monsters and ghosts are real now, at least in there are in that one movie I’ve seen.

The latest movie, Scooby-Do! & KISS: Rock And Roll Mystery, has got good animation but the story did absolutely nothing for me. I’m not really a KISS fan, but nor do I hate the group either. I enjoyed the music in the movie, but this particular story line didn’t grab me.

Apparently according to the “lore” set down in this toon the members of KISS may not even be human. You see there’s this other dimension called, Kissteria, where this witch tried to resurrect this God-like demon from a volcano, he’s mostly a huge head, but he kind of reminded me of the Marvel villain Galactus. Anyway, the inhabitants of this dimension look like KISS band members and with the help of this mystical, black diamond and music they were able to put this demon back in his volcano. Apparently KISS are descendents of this dimension tasked with protecting this black diamond because in the wrong hands it can be used to resurrect the demon.


Those “wrong hands” show up as this witch who has been haunting KISS’ theme park freaking people out as she looks for the diamond. Everybody but Fred are KISS fans and Daphne ropes the team into traveling to the park to investigate, but when they get there KISS is already looking into it, because that’s what they do in their off hours, investigate strange shit.

So they team up, and during the course of the investigation KISS reveals their special powers from time to time. No one believes Shag or Scoob when they speak of the weird things they’ve seen KISS do, but they do when they have to fly a giant, guitar-shaped space ship into their home dimension to battle the witch and the volcano demon…Long story short, the ending to this one is more in line with the old series. There was no witch, and the trip to the “home world” was nothing but a drug induced walkabout… you get the picture.

Back on July 21st Warner Brothers released Scooby-Do! & KISS: Rock And Roll Mystery in two versions: DVD only and a DVD/Blu-ray/Digital Copy edition.

Video/Audio/Subtitles: 1080p 1.78:1 high definition widescreen—5.1 English DTS-HD Master Audio/5.1 French Dolby Digital/5.1 Spanish Dolby Digital—English SDH, French

Extras included…

  • Bonus Cartoons: “To Switch A Witch” and “The Diabolical Disc Demon”
  • Are You A Scooby Or A Shaggy?
  • KISS Cut-Ups—Blooper Reel

I only recommend this toon if you’re a either a die hard Scooby-Do fan or a KISS fan or both.


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