Maggie (2015) Blu-ray


We all have our list of favorite Schwarzenegger movies; on the opposite end of that spectrum we also have our list of least liked Schwarzenegger flicks, and after seeing his second to latest movie last night, the zombie drama, Maggie, unfortunately I have to put this one on the latter list.

This is basically one of those disease-of-the-weeks movies network used to like to run, except here the movie has got a big budget, a big star and the disease is zombificaton. That’s pretty much how it unfolded for me as I watched. When the movie starts off the world is already in ruin and zombies are the norm. Of course no one in the movie uses the term zombie. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Wade Vogel whose life down on his farm in rural Louisiana is thrown into turmoil when he has to go get his daughter out of the city. Why she was there. I have no clue, but she got bit and is in a hospital waiting for her father.

When someone is bit there’s no cure, but there are rules. You can bring the victim home for 6-8 weeks, then the cops come for them and put them in quarantine while they final stages of zombification take hold. Problem is not everyone adheres to these rules and when that happens you get an abrupt encounter like Wade and Maggie (Abigail Breslin) have one day in the woods, when a little girl and her father wander into sight. Both are zombies now and Wade takes it upon himself to fix the situation, reluctantly, I might add, since he’s worried he may have to do something similar to his daughter later on.

The movie pretty much just plays out like a drama, not that I have anything against drama, it was just nothing worked for me, neither the drama itself, the situations, the characters, none of it kept my interest. I did have a problem with the ending. If you really wanted to make a tear-jerker here it should have ended in Old Yeller-style, but it doesn’t and when she’s gone, the end credits roll. Just like that. Fade to black. Done.

I think it was in the final act when I reached for the remote and started fast forwarding, and you know that’s the kiss of death for any movie when you have to do that. I didn’t have a problem with Schwarzenegger’s performance at all. It was just nothing I experienced pulled me in or left me affected. Yawn. Is it over yet? That’s pretty much how I felt all the way through.

On July 7th Lionsgate releases Maggie on separate DVD and Blu-ray editions.

Video/Audio/Subtitles: 1080p 2.39:1 high definition widescreen—5.1 English DTS-HD Master Audio—English, English SDH, Spanish

Transfer and audio were good.

Extras included…

  • Director’s commentary
  • Making Maggie (18:14)
  • Interviews With Cast & Crew (Director Henry Hobson, Writer John Scott, Actors Arnold Schwarzenegger, Abigail Breslin and Joely Richardson )
  • Deleted Scene (2:15)
  • Trailer




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