Stone Cold (1991) Blu-ray

A1w7igeRdaL._SL1500_I wish I had some memories of this movie, but I don’t. It came out May of ’91 and all I can assume is that I did see it in a theater either with my then girlfriend or a buddy of mine from high school I was still hanging out with. I know I saw it in a theater, because I was into action movies back then and I do remember when I saw the commercial on TV thinking this looks pretty good.

I had no idea Craig R. Baxley directed this until the opening credits. The only other Baxley movie I own is I Come In Peace (1990) and that’s a favorite of mine. I also had to look Brian Bosworth up on IMDB to see if he did any more movies. I don’t remember seeing him in anything after this, which was his big screen debut. Yes, apparently he did more movies, and even still acts. I didn’t know that. His Back In Business (1997) sounds familiar. I may have come across that one on cable at some point. It’s a shame he didn’t breakout as a the next big action star because he’s got the chops for it and isn’t that bad of an actor.

Bosworth plays an Alabama cop recruited by the FBI to go undercover in this notorious biker gang and bring it down. Since this is a ’91 movie it’s got some famous faces in it. Sam McMurry (C.H.U.D., Raising Arizona) and Richard Gant (Special Unit 2 series, Jason Goes To Hell) are the two agents who blackmail him into going undercover and then you’ve got William Forsythe (Raising Arizona, Extreme Prejudice, Out For Justice) playing Ice, and Lance Henriksen (Piranha II: The Spawing, The Terminator, Aliens, Pumpkinhead, The Horror Show, Near Dark) playing Chains Cooper. Forsythe and Henriksen really know how to play scummy, bad guys. Chains is the head of the biker gang and Ice is his second in command who is forever skeptical of this John Stone character wanting to join. He smells a cop and that suspicion pays off near the end when he discovers Stone’s secret.

The dynamics between Stone and Lance (McMurry) are the typical one who used to see back then in action films, and a very similar one Baxley mentored when he did I Come In Peace. You got the no-nonsense-don’t-play-by-the-rules hero cop, Bosworth here, Dolph Lundgren in Peace, partnered with a more straight-laced-go-by-the-book-nerdy type, McMurry in Stone Cold and Brian Benben in Peace. In fact McMurry is an FBI agent just like Benben was. It’s funny after times change you can see these stereotypes more easily.

Like Baxley’s Peace Stone Cold is loaded with solid action and I was curious if this flick would still hold up for me. It did. On IMDB it’s stated the first cut of the movie got a NC-17 rating for it’s violence and had to be cut down to get an R. I never knew that.

MGM previously released Stone Cold on DVD only back in 2007. Back on June 23rd Olive Films released it on DVD again and on blu-ray for the first time.

Video/Audio/Subtitles: 1080p 1.85:1 high definition widescreen—English DTS-HD Master Audio—English subtitles only.

Video and Audio were good. I did not have a problem with either.

There are no extras on this release, not even a trailer.

I do have a small gripe about the cover used. If you didn’t know anything about the movie you’d think either this is a really great album cover for a band you’ve never heard of or someone made a Terminator rip-off.  Other than that this was a solid blu-ray release that I’ll add to my collection of vast memory movies.


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