The Walking Deceased (2015) DVD

91QdIB4u+xL._SL1500_This is as close as I ever want to get to reviewing anything related to AMC’s The Walking Dead series. Yeah, I’m not a fan. I did, however, watch all of season 1 when it started just to see if it might be something I could get into. When it was over I felt no compulsion to return to the show. SyFy’s Z Nation on the other hand was whole different ball game. By the end of episode #1 I was hooked.

Before I get into this I was surprised to find this to be a very funny parody.

The Walking Deceased isn’t all about lampooning AMC’s series, the ragtag band of zombie survivors is primarily made up of Zombieland (2009) spoofers, one zombified spoofer from Warm Bodies (2013) and two from AMC’s series, specifically the Sheriff and Daryl Dixon (named Darnell in Deceased). The joke here with Deceased’s Sheriff and Darnell (Andrew Pozza) is they’re basically inept. Case in point, the opening scene of episode #1 from The Walking Dead is spoofed where the Sheriff finds that little zombie girl and has to kill her. In Deceased, Sheriff Lincoln (Dave Sheridan), after waking from a coma that was brought on by his “slow” son batting a baseball into his skull, is faced with the same dilemma, except here the little girl is 100% human, she even turns around and states unequivocally, “I’m not a zombie.” But Lincoln responds by saying, “That’s exactly what a zombie would say,” and then blows the little girl’s brains out. He then stumbles upon a truck with a sleeping man in it, who asks, “Have you seen my daughter?” Lincolin replies, “Yes, I have,” blows the man’s brains out and drags him from the truck uttering, “Clever assholes.”

Darnell’s weapon of choice is a hand held crossbow, which I think was basically a toy. Every time he shot a zombie with it the arrow bounced off but he was all proud he nailed it. The others even ask in the final act why the hell he’s using a toy. He climbs trees and scrunches up his face at odd moments. Yeah, I found this all very hilarious, but you see what I mean. Inept.

The Warm Bodies spoofer monologues to himself, probably like what happened in Warm Bodies (just assuming this since I never saw that movie), and gets a crush on one of the chicks in the Zombieland spoof group. He follows the group to the mall where they’re holed up. Yup, if you’re doing a spoof of zombie flicks you have to have a mall in it. The Zombieland group has a pair of hilarious Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg spoofers riffing on the original characters. The Eisenberg one even goes way out of his way to make this version a real pussy who loves to jack his weasel every chance he gets.

Once all the spoofers join together they decide to head to this farm in the country where there’s a reported haven awaiting them. The old couple running it have no clue the world has gone to zombie shit, but they have a hot daughter the Eisenberg spoofer falls for. It all ends with a cure for the zombie virus being created and dumped into the local water system. Now all you have to do is get a hose and hose the mothers down to make them human again. Just make sure you stop Lincoln from shooting them dead as this happens.

You get a few laugh out load jokes, most chuckle worthy, but it’s a fun movie all the way around. About time someone did one of these Naked Gun-esque zombie spoofs. Oh, that’s right I forgot to mention Simon Pegg and Nick Frost from Shaun Of The Dead (2004) get spoofed too. It happens in a strip club, but you can easily recognize them when they appear.

I think there might have been a scene that was actually a blooper but kept in the film anyway. In the final act when Lincoln is making this speech with everyone around him, he spins his gun and drops it, he then tells everyone to turn around. The 12-year old Zombieland spoofer chick looks at someone and then smiles, almost laughs before she turns around. Her character never laughs or even cracks a smile in the flick. She’s deaf and all her comical retorts show up on screen in subtitles, like she’s texting or something. Anyway, Lincoln picks up the gun, tells every to turn back around, then spins it and holsters it. I’m pretty sure that was a blooper.

During the end credits you get a brief collection of bloopers before the end credits officially crawl by and, shit, I do mean crawl by. It’s a short movie and this slow ass crawl extends out like 5 solid minutes.

On April 21st Arc Entertainment releases The Walking Deceased on DVD only.

Video/Audio/Subtitles: widescreen 1.78:1/1.77:1(?) anamorphic—English 5.1 Dolby Digital—No subtitles. (Note: No aspect ratio is listed on the back of the case, or on IMDB, so I’m just guessing as to what it might be).

Picture and audio were good. No problems had with either.

Extras include:

  • Cast And Crew (2:59)
  • Zombies (2:18)
  • Deleted Scenes (5 scenes)
  • Trailer

Cast & Crew is just roughly 3-minutes of behind the scenes footage of filming, while Zombies is a montage of the extras being made up. Only one of the deleted scenes I thought should have been restored, the”bar scene,” the rest were wisely chosen for deletion.

Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and recommend this one. I laughed enough to want to tell people about it. If you’re still on the fence, rent it, or get someone else to rent it and then see if it’ll be a keeper.


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