Allan Quatermain And The Lost City Of Gold (1987) Blu-ray

1727896hLike I chronicled in Olive Film’s Without A Clue (1988) review, this is another flick that reminds me of my mother. This is a sequel to King Solomon’s Mines (1985) and I remember seeing the commercial of that flick on TV (I was 16 then) and just instantly thinking how stupid it looked. Sharon Stone’s character stood out because her performance looked equally stupid, not to mention typical blond ditzy. My mother on the other hand thought it looked fun. Thank God it never came to a theater around here, or if it did I never knew it. When it hit cable a year later, I think, I recorded it for her. When the sequel came out (filmed back to back with King Solomon’s Mines) the story seemed better than the first one, but again it was nothing I had to go out and see. I do remember seeing scenes of it on Entertainment Tonight; can’t remember if I ever saw a full trailer or even a commercial. It eventually hit cable and my mother loved this one, too.

Okay, now, cut to this year when Olive announced a blu-ray was coming out. I have to admit I thought it was strange they were planning on putting out the sequel and not the first film, but I can only assume another distributor snatched it up before Olive could get to it. So, you may ask, if I cared not for this flick why then should I be reviewing it? Two reasons: my mother wanted the blu-ray, and secondly I’m at that point where my once rigid tastes in flicks have changed somewhat and movies I either hated or never wanted to see when I was young I now want to check out just to see if I was ever really missing anything or if my hatred was right on the money. With Allan Quatermain And The Lost City Of Gold I found it to be fairly engaging until they actually get to the Lost City Of Gold and then it bored me.

I guess you can say Allan Quatermain is the original Indiana Jones. I never heard of him until the 1985 version of King Solomon’s Mines came out. Richard Chamberlain plays Quatermain and Sharon Stone plays his now fiancée, Jesse Huston. Quatermain is in search of his long lost brother, Robeson (Martin Rabbett), who vanished when he went in search of this Lost City Of Gold. Quatermain couldn’t care less about gold; he just wants to find his brother be it dead or alive. Jesse wants to head of to America and get civilized which is where these two butt heads, and just when you think Stone is out of the picture she decides to follow her beau into the jaws of danger too. Accompanying Jesse and Quatermain is Umslopogaas (James Earl Jones), a mighty warrior who carries a huge ax and a band of questing men wouldn’t be a band without a jester accompanying them. Swarma (Robert Donner) is his name and so many times I was hoping he’d be killed off, by “annoying jesters” never are.

There is a very slight creature feature aspect to this. But I mean very, very slight. In a cave system the men eventually find themselves weird looking serpents burst from the wall eager to eat them, and later on when they are at the mercy of this underground current a huge maggot-type thing burps itself from this muck. It sticks around for a nanosecond to menace Stone in the boat before she tosses it back into the water.

You can see some of the wires attached to the actors and stunt men in various scenes as Umslopogaas throws one of them and Quatermain (probably his stun double) crashes down through a skylight in this temple in the Lost City.

Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira) shows up in a cameo as Queen Sorais. This Lost City has two queens; Peterson plays the evil one with no dialogue. When I saw her name in the opening credits I made it a point to keep on the look out for her and just barely recognized her when she showed up in the final act. And what the hell was Henry Silva doing in this? He plays Agon, this High Priest, who has come to Lord over the Lost City’s civilian population which Quatermain’s brother has become a willing part of. Not a role I would expect to see Silva in.

On March 31st Olive Films releases Allan Quatermain And The Lost City Of Gold on separate blu-ray and DVD editions.

Video/Audio/Subtitles: 1080p 2.35:1 high definition widescreen—2.0 English DTS-HD Master Audio—no subtitles.

MGM initially released this on DVD way back in 2004, but since I don’t own it nor do I know anyone who does I can’t compare it to the blu-ray. The movie is very scenic and because of that looks fairly good, but there are two scenes that showed some print damage. Not a perfect transfer but not a shitty one either.

There are no extras but the movie’s trailer. I noticed in the trailer the narrator pronounces Quatermain with an ‘r.’ As in Quartermain, which is what I always thought his name was until I really looked at the title on the cover of the blu recently.

Even though I was not whelmed by this movie I still enjoyed the nostalgia of it which before-she-was famous Stone really helped me in.


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