Trancers II: The Return Of Jack Deth (1991) US Blu-ray

81iuf4qkWWL._SL1248_I’ve never seen any of the Trancers movies, but since Charles Band has been remastering them for blu-ray I’ve been taking this opportunity to review them as they come out. The first one wasn’t bad. I even liked the first sequel, the short film, Trancers: City Of Lost Angels, that’s included on the first film’s blu-ray.

It looks like Band had a bigger budget for this new full-length movie. It just shows on screen. And this new chapter picks up years later when Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson) and Lena (Helen Hunt) are married and still living happily in Los Angeles. Hap Ashby (Bif Maynard), the man Deth had to keep alive from the first film, otherwise his death would’ve alterd the future and not for he good, is now rich and on the wagon, and they all live together in this palatial home.

Back in the future McNulty (Art LaFleur) and Commander Raines (Telma Hopkins) discuss Whistler’s brother. He had a brother? Yes, he did and his name is Dr. Wardo (Richard Lynch). In present day (1991) he’s got some not-quite-comprehensible world domination plan in the works that’s hidden under this environmental façade of wanting to save the earth, or something, and he takes people out of these mental institutions, puts them into one of his own making and converts them into trancers. Dr. Pyle (Jeffery Combs sporting slicked back and hair and an evil looking goatee) and a Nurse Trotter (Martine Beswick) run this facility.

To throw even more kinks into Deth’s new life using questionable time travel logic we learn his wife, Alice Stilwell, who’s been dead for six years has now come back down the line and looks like actress Megan Ward. Time travel has also evolved in the future. Now they can physically travel a human in and out of time rather than from mind-to-mind along a genetic link. This new tech might prove helpful since Jack’s body back in the future has pretty much died, so returning to it is no longer an option.

Lena and Alice finally meet, neither one likes the situation one bit, but Jack refuses to fill in the gaps of Alice’s memory. She has no clue 6 years has gone by or that she died. Alice gets Lena to leave and she’s then captured by Wardo.

All ends well, though, there’s a happy ending, Wardo and Pyle get gunned down but Trotter flees the end scene shoot-out to wreak havoc another day.

The movie is available now at Amazon.

Video/Audio/Subtitles: 1080p 1.78:1 high definition widescreen—English 5.1 Dolby Digital, English 2.0 Dolby Digital—No subtitles

Extra Features:

  • Commentary with director Charles Band and actors Tim Thomerson and Megan Ward
  • Original Videzone Featurette (9:23)
  • Rare Blooper Reel (7:00)
  • Rare Photo Gallery (1:00)

As I’ve mentioned many times before the commentaries Charles Band does for these new remasters are always fun, par for the course for any movie Tim Thomerson has done for Band these two are reunited once again, this time with co-star Megan Ward, and with these three this one gets more MST3K than usual. The one main thing I learned from this commentary: there’s a scene where Lynch gets suddenly enraged and throws a couple of potted plants at Jeffrey Combs’ character, Band states Lynch was actually like that. He doesn’t expound beyond that quick remark, leaving me to surmise the man must have had a hell of temper at times.

Second best feature is the requisite Videozone period piece, which takes you back to when they were shooting the movie. Oh, and the blooper real is good too. Even if you don’t like this particular film or any of Band’s movies, get them for the extra features.


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