Bigfoot Wars (2014) DVD

91BKhDN7ssL._SL1500_For reasons I cannot fathom and have never been able to fathom I like watching movies about Killer Bigfoot monsters. It started when I was scared to death as a kid after seeing Creature From Black Lake (1976). I may have just answered my own question. Anyhow there have been an insane number of horror flicks about squatches running amok on human kind’s asses, and the latest is titled Bigfoot Wars.

Supposedly this is based on Eric S. Brown’s first book of the same name. I’ve never read the books myself but do understand they have a cult following. Origin Releasing, as I also understand it, is committed to adapting Brown’s first three books.

I reviewed Origin Releasing’s Dead Sea (2013) movie a few months ago and Bigfoot Wars is almost as bad. The only thing this squatch flick has going for are the naked females, the squatch FX and the gore FX, which are all tantalizing to look at. Everything surrounding it, plot, production value, acting are all subpar. Well, I should be more specific, not all the acting circles the drain. Everyone has moments that look plausible, but then in the next not.

The only name actors in this movie is Judd Nelson, playing a local doctor, and C. Thomas Howell (The Hitcher) playing a backwoods-type whose daughter had a run-in with a local squatch. He joins up with the local sheriff and one other deputy to venture into the woods after that sheriff’s daughter is kidnapped by one of the creatures. The squatches are kidnapping women to eat and rape. Howell’s acting is believable (wish I could say the same about Nelson’s) and is the most interesting character in the 1 hour and 12 minute movie.

There’s not much more I can say about this “movie.” And, yes, I use that term loosely.

Since I’m reviewing a check disc, and not the final product, I cannot say what aspect ratio it’s in. Most likely it’s a 1.78:1 one, and the transfer looks fine.

As for extra features you get the “movie’s” trailer, and 5 featurettes, 4 of which (Holt Boggs, Todd Jenkins, Jackey Hall) are under the On The Set Video Diary headings. The other two are titled Fun Times On The Set Of Bigfoot Wars and Tommy And Holt. You also get a Photo Gallery.

(Note: FX was done by Facades FX Makeup Lab & Creature Design)


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