Legendary (2013) DVD

475118_TLAM2_2014_BD_BackFlat(Warning! Spoilers Contained Within!)

When was the last time you saw action stars Dolph Lundgren and Scott Adkins in a creature feature? Never. That’s pretty much why I wanted to review this, and the fact that I love creature features. I was hoping for something good all this, but got just the opposite.

Scott Adkins plays Travis Preston a cryptozoolgist and Dolph Lundgren plays a douchebag hunter named, Jim Harker. When the movie starts off the both of them and a bunch of other researchers are in Russia looking for a prehistoric bear. Said bear is CGI, and as long as it stayed in the shadows it didn’t look too bad. Only one shot in the light made it look awful. The bear kills one of the kids in Preston’s group (the movie is rated PG-13 so there isn’t any serious carnage) and Harker sues him.

Years later a lawyer comes to Preston asking for his help in trying to find another cryptid, a giant lizard which he has video evidence of. They all head off to China to find this creature and bump into Harker, who’s hunting the thing.

That’s pretty much the story. Preston wants to capture it, Harker wants to kill it, and it all comes to a head in the lizards cavern lair, where none of the main characters are killed off.

The CGI for the giant lizard wasn’t bad. Clearly not SyFy channel material which would have turned me off immediately, but not perfect either. Quality lands in the middle and that was all right with me.

I know Adkins and Lundgren can act, so any deficiencies I saw in their characters and their presentations of them I blame solely on the script and story. Everything falls within the shallow, perfunctory category. Lundgren’s douchebaggery is one note and so is Adkin’s “good guy” role. There just wasn’t enough meat on these movie bones for me to get any kind of satisfaction. It all comes and goes in mediocre fashion.

This flick was celluloid fast food at it’s worst.

This past July 29th, Lionsgate released the movie in the US on DVD only. I will say the cinematography of the 2.35:1 widescreen transfer is lush and vivid. It’s mostly a rural movie, and rural China is pretty photogenic.

Audio is in an English 5.1 Dolby Digital format only, and there are English and Spanish subtitles included.

For extras you get the movie’s Theatrical Trailer, The Making Of Legendary (15:08) and two interviews, one with Scott Adkins (6:12) and one with Dolph Lundgren (4:46). I do enjoy watching how movies are made, and based on the Making Of and the interviews everyone had a great time, it’s just too bad the final product did not appeal to me.


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One Response to Legendary (2013) DVD

  1. Peter Osmond says:

    haha, one of my old Customers in Blockbuster was the director of this, Eric Styles. He kept me up to date with the progress, Still never seen it but nice to know some behind the scenes stuff on this.


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